Matt Miller

I'm an adventure photographer and videographer from Tennessee, currently based in San Diego and working/living internationally.

My story starts with an exceptional architect as a mother and a whitewater rafting philosopher as a father. They encouraged me see the world through the eyes of an artist, and I quickly developed a deep appreciation of visual art. For my first year of high school, my father took me to Costa Rica for 10 months to learn Spanish, connect with a different culture, and most importantly, learn to surf.

Once back in Tennessee in my 20's, I was a whitewater rafting guide while attending the University of Tennessee for cinema studies. The class IV rapids and guiding lifestyle I was able to capture through my camera while on the Ocoee River fascinated me, but the ocean still overwhelmed my life. As soon as I graduated the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 2015, I pursued the life I'd dreamed of in Southern California by moving to San Diego.

Currently I work as a Photographer and Videographer for Terra Education, a company with segments such as Global Leadership Adventures, Teen Travel Network, Summer Springboard and Discover Corps. With a focus on sustainable travel and education, I also work freelance for companies all over the world.

My rate is $75 per hour.

Completed on Jan 2, 2021

Cycling Across the United States

The Story

I started this ambitious trip on Oct. 2, 2020, attempting to ride my bicycle from coast to coast across the United States, starting from San Diego, CA and ending in Charleston, SC. I’ll explore National Parks, visit friends and family, talk to people I meet along the way and take some beautiful videos and photographs to capture the diversity of our many incredible landscapes. I’m hoping to see a side of the country that I’ve never seen before. Ultimately, I hope to capture this adventure in a film that shares the unique perspective and beauty that traveling on a bicycle across the country can bring, but I'll also be posting highlight videos each week. I know there will also be a lot of hardship and pain but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

So why now? When the pandemic hit, I was working as a photographer & videographer for Global Leadership Adventures, an organization that provides study abroad programs for high school students. As soon as the virus became serious and all travel shut down, the company furloughed 90% of the employees to try and stay solvent and I was one of the casualties. All things considered, it seemed time to hit the road! I have been an avid cyclist all of my life and have always dreamed of taking this trip. It occurred to me that staying socially distanced, wearing a mask, and sanitizing/washing my hands had already become a staple in my daily life, so why couldn’t I do the same on the road? So I packed everything up and started off across the country.

The Route

I plan the route as I go, meandering through national parks and cities to visit friends and family along the way. Each pin is a place I've stopped for the night! I mostly camp along the way, with the occasional stay in a motel for a hot shower and a comfy bed. This map will be updated each day to show current progress across the country.